Graduate PR Account Executive

Hold onto your hats and get ready to dive into the dynamic world of PR with the force of a thousand press releases! We're here at The Opportunity Hub UK, your go-to catalyst for career launches, and we're thrilled to present an electrifying opening for a Junior PR Executive. Nestled within the vibrant realm of visionary PR, marketing, and digital experts, this opportunity is your ticket to a riveting journey where your passion for travel and knack for creative wizardry will shine like a supernova.

What's in Store for You: In this cosmic adventure, you'll be an integral part of a lively team, a crew of go-getters who believe PR is more than just acronyms. You're not merely a press whisperer; you're a brand virtuoso, a reputation sculptor, and a client's secret weapon. Armed with an infectious enthusiasm for travel (bonus points if you've mastered the art of ski ballet or snowboard poetry), your pen will be your mightiest sword. From concocting riveting press releases that dance like auroras to hopping on brainstorming trampolines and jet-setting on press trips that'd make astronauts envious – your days will be as diverse as a chameleon's wardrobe.

Here's What You'll Be Conjuring:Weaving spellbinding press releases, crafting news stories that make headlines do the salsaDonning your travel sherpa cape to curate press trip escapades, charting courses and booking flights like a GPS whispererStorming the think-tank fortress, contributing your creative gems to glittering campaign ideasSurfing through the digital waves, capturing trends from newspapers, magazines, and virtual shoresOrchestrating symphonies of social media magic on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and ThreadsTackling monthly reports with ninja-like finesse, sorting press clippings, unearthing images, and reigning over the database realmCrafting networking soirées that blend charisma and strategy, mingling like a pro and turning clients into BFFsHere's the Skills Potion You'll Need:Linguistic wizardry – your English spells are top-tier, and your proofreading game is stronger than a coffee addictionA flair for turning words into waltzes that charm the socks off readersInterpersonal enchantments – your approachability and empathetic vibes make you the life of any PR partyTelephonic bravado – you're the maestro of conversation, striking chords of friendly professionalismTime-bending mastery – juggling tasks like a plate spinner while keeping deadlines in check is your jamTech sorcery – you've tamed the beasts of various programs and social media realmsWhy You'll Want to Join the PR Quest: Besides wielding PR wands and having the time of your life, this cosmic journey packs some magical rewards too:A hybrid work utopia (put those commuting shoes to good use at least twice a week)Embark on adventures to uncharted lands – hello, travel opportunities!Your discretionary annual bonus is the icing on the celebratory cakeUnwind with 28 days of holiday delight, plus a birthday freebieExtra "sunny days" off because even PR dynamos need sun-kissed breaksPension scheme – saving for your magical futureProfessional growth elixirs – potions to power up your skills and knowledgeWhy Settle for Ordinary? Don't just watch the PR show; be the star of the spectacle! With The Opportunity Hub UK guiding you, your PR Executive dreams are just a heartbeat away. Join the forces of visionary PR and dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds, and each day is a chance to make your mark. So, if you've ever danced with words, charmed journalists, or had a snowball fight with deadlines, we're waiting to be dazzled by your PR prowess!

  • Location: London,England
  • Salary: £22k - £25k
  • Type: Permanent
  • Recruiter: The Opportunity Hub UK
  • Posted: 06-May-2024
  • Posted on: