Child Care Worker (In training to become a Therapeutic Carer)

What the Job exists to do:
 Effectively and appropriately care for the children and young people looked after and educated by The Lioncare Group, whilst gaining the necessary training, knowledge, skills and experiential learning necessary to be a Therapeutic Carer.

To achieve this, you will;
 Actively engage in all aspects of the care and education task undertaken by The Lioncare Group.
 Assist in supporting each child or young person to gain a positive experience of being looked after and educated throughout their placement.
 Provide opportunities for each child or young person and the group as a whole to gain an experience of being cared for and educated in a positive, real, and meaningful way.
 Actively develop your skills, knowledge, and understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Therapeutic Carer through using all opportunities and resources offered to you and at your disposal.
 Give the children in your care and your employing organisation an undertaking to commit to a minimum 2 years’ service where this remains in your control to do so

General Tasks & Responsibilities:
- Carrying out tasks & responsibilities professionally at all times.
- Working with integrity, honesty, and openness at all times.
- Assisting, supporting, and promoting The Lioncare Group within the wider market place.
- Working within the stated aims, objectives, and therapeutic practice approach of The Lioncare Group and adhering to all guidance, policies, and procedures stated in the organisation’s Employee Handbook and other relevant documents and literature.
- Working at all times in the best interests of the children and young people in our care and ensuring their basic and essential care and learning needs are met.
- Supporting at all times colleagues and the Senior Management Team and Directors in carrying out their duties and responsibilities in providing high standards of care and education to the children looked after by The Lioncare Group.
- Informing Managers of all concerns and issues requiring further attention and acting on these where appropriate or where directed to do so.
- Ensuring positive links are maintained and improved between all areas of The Lioncare Group.
- Comply with current legislation, regulation, and guidance relating safeguarding and to the provision of care and education for children in residential children’s homes and special schools

  • Location: Hove, England
  • Salary: £23000 - £26000 per annum
  • Type: Contract
  • Recruiter: Corus Consultancy
  • Posted: 01-May-2024
  • Posted on: