Meteorological Data Analyst

Join our Physical Processes Team, dedicated to enhancing the representation of atmospheric phenomena.

You'll collaborate closely with fellow scientists on our IFS and contribute to the development of DestinE Digital Twins at our leading weather and environmental forecasting company.

Key Responsibilities:
Conduct simulations using the IFS and evaluate km-scale simulations in DestinE and nextGEMS, utilizing diverse observations and metrics.
Perform scientific assessments of clouds and precipitation in DestinE and nextGEMS km-scale simulations, analysing their impacts on radiation and dynamics across various scales.
Assess extreme precipitation events at km-scale resolutions.
Document and publish scientific findings, contributing to regular progress reports to the European Commission.

Key Requirements:
Strong communication and documentation skills regarding model developments.
Advanced university degree (EQ7 level or above) in physical, mathematical, or environmental science, or equivalent professional experience.
Experience in atmospheric modelling for weather forecasting or climate prediction.
Expertise in cloud and precipitation process parametrization.
Desirable: Experience with developing and maintaining large scientific codes and running numerical simulations.
Desirable: Experience in handling large observational and/or modelling datasets and statistical analysis.

Remote Work: Our multi-site organisation operates under a hybrid organizational model, offering flexibility to mix office and teleworking.

Remote work, allowing for up to 10 days per month away from the office.

  • Location: Reading, England
  • Salary: £65000 - £78000 Per Annum None
  • Type: Contract
  • Recruiter: Expert Employment
  • Posted: 18-Apr-2024
  • Posted on: