Japanese Actor/Actress (Digital Avatar)

Our client is an international immersive learning simulation hub providing staged interaction between learners and avatars designed for today’s workforce.Title: Simulation Specialist Simulation – Japanese Start: ASAP Location: United Kingdom Work form: Fully Remote Pay Rate: £20/hour or up to £41,600 per annum Benefits: HolidaysAbout The Role As a digital avatar, you are expected to deliver a wide range of simulation scenarios to provide individual learners opportunities to practice and master complex interpersonal skills.

The successful Japanese Simulation Specialists will have a high level of emotional intelligence, strong active listening skills, efficient and effective communication skills, and the ability to portray a wide range of personality profiles.

Simulation Specialists should also be comfortable using and adapting to a variety of evolving technologies.

What You’ll Do Session Delivery - Consistently deliver a variety of scenarios you are trained/certified on in an accurate, reliable, and professional manner in alignment with stated learning objectives.

- Portray a variety of perspectives using the client’s proprietary technology - Facilitate reflection and debrief with diverse learner populations in alignment with stated learning objectives.

- Complete all operational session tasks including providing balanced and fair feedback to learners and providing accurate and fair scores related to learners’ performance.

- Complete additional forms and attendance as required for each simulation delivery.

- Use and adapt quickly to evolving technology.

Learner Engagement - Promote and provide excellent customer service as the session host including welcoming, answering questions, providing information, and facilitating reflection in a courteous manner across diverse learner populations.

- Consistently establish and enforce stated policies and expectations with learners.

- Adhere to the Code of Conduct and policies that protect Learner Privacy.

Task Management & Policies - Proactively and effectively organize and manage availability, session, and other work-related schedules.

- Effectively prioritize session delivery, training and other tasks assigned as needed in alignment with stated deadlines and expectations.

- Adhere to communications expectations.

- Adhere to all policies that protect client’s Intellectual Property.

- Adhere to internal policies.

- Ensure billing hours consist of 70% service delivery on average.

What You’ll Display - A commitment to providing equal practice opportunities to all learners by effectively representing all scenario content and withholding judgment of individual learners.

- Prioritize authenticity & consistency by providing a conversational simulation experience that adheres to the stated guidelines established for the scenario and learning objectives.

- Demonstrate a growth mindset by receiving and implementing positive & constructive feedback and taking the initiative to identify and seek out the information and resources you need to be successful.

- Leverage a high level of emotional intelligence to approach learners with a customer service mindset as the host and navigate complex and emotional learners & conversations throughout the workday.Inclusive Professionalism - Uphold the highest professional standards in spoken and written communications while supporting and promoting an inclusive, open culture of acceptance and belonging.

- Leverage attention to detail to complete required, often repetitive tasks at a high-quality level and reliably manage, prioritize and organize schedules and tasks accordingly.

- Provide effective and equal practice opportunities to a diverse range of learners in alignment with stated learning objectives.

- Provide clients an understanding of learner experiences through completion of feedback forms.

- Create a welcoming and customer service oriented host experience that humanizes the virtual reality experience.You may email your CV and links directly at maryann@ablrecrutiment.com

  • Location: London, England
  • Salary: £35000.00 - £41600.00 per annum + Holiday + Fully Remote
  • Type: Contract
  • Recruiter: ABL Recruitment
  • Posted: 28-Sep-2023
  • Posted on: careers4a.com