Chinese speaking Finance Manager

Position: Chinese speaking Financial Manager
Salary: up to 65K+Benefits+Bonuse
Location: Central London

Job Description:

Took charge of the account set maintenance of the Group's British business and ensure the quality of accounting information.
Being supportive to the audit works and manage the current balance.
Handle external audit, and issue various statutory statements, management statements and special financial analysis.

Financial management

Responsible for the company's financial planning and expenditure budget according to the group's business plan; Formulate annual and monthly work objectives and work plans of the financial system, and implement them after approval.
Assist the Group in cash flow forecasting for companies related to the UK business; Arrange additional investment funds and bank loan budget for shareholders
Keep track of the company's financial status, operating results analysis and fund changes, and report the work to the group in time.

Fund receipt and payment management

Handle the bank payment entry and reconciliation; Issue payment orders in coordination with banks
Staff salary calculation data check; Ensure compliance with individual income tax and pension insurance, submit and deduct monthly statutory pension data
Complete the cash collection and payment process based on compliance and risk management.

Strengthen the internal control, strictly implement the company's system, according to the budget and approval authority, ensure the company's daily procurement, all kinds of expenditure management compliance
Take charge of the bank fund security of the British project, and timely check the bank balance;

Bank financing

Maintained a good cooperative relationship with financial institutions and assisted the group in improving the annual bank audit.

Explore business opportunities in corporate loans, structured capital solutions, and other wealth management products
Calculate the cost of financing for the company's investment activities and provide the most economical way of compensation

Compliance with tax and finance laws

Check and pay or refund business tax bills
Conduct tax planning for the company and other group companies in accordance with laws and regulations, and reduce tax burden and risk
Organized and implemented the guidelines and policies of the FINANCIAL laws and regulations in THE UK, and supervised the company to comply with the financial laws and regulations in the UK, so as to protect the legitimate operation and rights of the company


Participation in business decision-making: I approved all kinds of financial matters based on my decision-making authority; Participate in feasibility study of major projects and provide decision support
Be accountable to the board and keep British companies financially secure.
Complete other tasks assigned by the group leader.


More than 5 years of working experience in enterprise and more than 3 years of financial management experience, Can take charge of the financial work of the company independently.

Working experience in Chinese enterprises is preferred (adapt to domestic management style);
Familiar with British tax laws and can handle tax-related business correctly.
Familiar with the British financial market and have the financing experience and ability of British projects.
Positive and practical attitude.

Good financial analysis ability, execution ability, communication ability, ability to work under pressure;
Proficient in office tools such as Powerpoint, Excel and Word, and have strong writing skills.
Fluent in Mandarin and English (both required as working language), and be able to write reports in Chinese.


  • Location: London, England
  • Salary: Up to £65000 per annum + bonus
  • Type: Permanent
  • Recruiter: ABL Recruitment
  • Posted: 10-May-2022
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