CFD Software Developer

Our client is looking for a Software Engineer to develop simulations that mathematically model dynamic time dependent chemical processes in oil & gas processesing.

Working from computational fluid dynamic theory and three-dimensional numerical simulation of commercial engine intake you will help optimise the refinery process for veichle efficiency.

Process simulation and optimisation experience would be highly beneficial, ideally in: Advanced Simulation Library, Aspen Plus / Aspen HYSYS, Batch Reactor, K-Spice, CHEMCAD, DWSIM, EMSO, EQ-COMP, Dymola, Flowtran, LIBPF, OptiRamp etc???.

The successful candidate must have strong Software Development and Process, Industrial or Chemical Engineering Experience as they will utilise knowledge of both aeard in this position.

You will also have broad and deep expertise in algorithms, modelling, simulation, and numerical methods and be comfortable working with diverse cross functional teams such as: product and service teams, subject matter experts in cloud architecture, simulation & modelling, computations and dataflow networks.

Key skills:
Knowledge of chemical engineering and industry standard process simulators.
Physics-based process modelling, digital fluid models and flowsheet simulation interface implementation.
Algorithms development
Writing clean and efficient code with automated test coverage
Cloud Technology
Desktop application development, the more complex the better: Healthcare, Scintific, Financial etc.
High-Performance Computing
User Experience Design / UX
Web App and Micro services

  • Location: South Oxfordshire, England
  • Salary: £45000 - £85000 Per Annum None
  • Type: Permanent
  • Recruiter: Expert Employment
  • Posted: 01-Apr-2022
  • Posted on: